OPTIMOZ provides the Cloud Engineering expertise you need to migrate your enterprise applications to the Cloud. Our work spans the entire Cloud Engineering lifecycle from strategy through technology planning, architecture, migration and modernization, development, DevOps, Security, and on-going enhancement.

Our approach is driven by six guiding principles:

Use advanced agile development processes to make building Cloud applications fluid, flexible, and fast.
Deploy modern DevOps processes, automation, and performance management tools to ensure that applications always run smoothly, scale effortlessly, and can receive upgrades with no down time.
Embed security from the start, so that every member of the technical team has an important role in building the most secure application possible.
Transfer knowledge to your enterprise, so that, when the time is right, your technical team can stand on its own.
Implement Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery principles to link every step of the software development to deployment lifecycle to gain better productivity and visibility.
Leverage modern technologies, such as APIs, microservices, containers, AI, and machine learning, to radically increase performance and functionality – even in migrated applications.

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By 2023, 80 percent of new application starts will be in the Cloud, and some exuberant analysts are predicting that the creation of new, on-premise data centers will end by 2025.  In addition, enterprises are migrating existing workloads to the Cloud at a rapid...

NASA – DevSecOps and Infrastructure optimization to support large scale video streaming and data science projects.

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