Migration & Modernization

Most enterprises wait way too long to modernize their core applications and infrastructure and, as a result, accrue significant technical debt and rising costs. The results can be catastrophic – including lower productivity, the loss of key technical talent, and the inability to pivot the enterprise in fast-changing world. Migrating core applications and infrastructure to the Cloud can help an enterprise reverse this trend and become nimbler and more competitive.

OPTIMOZ can help your enterprise migrate and modernize your mission-critical applications to operate successfully in the Cloud.

We provide all of the services necessary to execute a successful migration & modernization effort, including:

Rapid Assessment – execute intensive analysis of your applications and technology platforms to identify the roadblocks to migrating to and modernizing in and Cloud.
Technical Leadership – for your technology development and IT operations teams, Including:

  • Working with stakeholders and end-users to identify key application priorities.
  • Prioritizing work based on enterprise need, ability to deliver, and cost.
  • Supervising your technology and IT operations teams.
  • Improving technical and DevOps processes.
  • Recruiting new talent and train or cycling out underperformers.
  • Ensuring high-quality, on-time delivery of new functionality.
  • Working with customers to implement custom capabilities and then managing the process for deciding which features will become standard product features.
  • Managing the technology and IT operations budget.
DevOps, Cloud Security, and Continuous Delivery – work with you to put in place processes that ensure that:

  • You can deploy new capabilities frequently with high reliability by eliminating bottlenecks in the application development process that can cause delays and decrease application quality.
  • You implement best-in-class security approaches to ensure that your enterprise, data, and users are protected.
  • You gain high performance from your applications while operating them efficiently and economically.
Technology Planning – build a long-term plan to ensure that your team serves the needs of your enterprise by prioritizing features and continuous technical improvements to keep the applications current.
Application and Technology Strategy – examine all of the factors involved in a migration& modernization effort: customer needs, technical challenges, make versus buy decisions, talent needs, level of effort, and costs involved in bringing your application to the Cloud.
Technology Evaluation and Selection – drive the selection of key technologies based on the desired business outcome, cost of delivery, skills of the current and desired team, and stakeholder and end-user expectations.

  • Refactoring code, infrastructure components, and security throughout the application stack to operate with high performance and reliability in the Cloud.
  • Injecting modern software development techniques to prolong the useful life and supercharge the performance of the application, including:

    Microservices that perform specialized functions, such as payments, with high reliability.

    APIs to manage seamless data exchange with other applications.

    Modern approaches to analytics to maximize the insight gained from data in the application.

  • Integrating open source and commercial software products and components into the application to improve performance, time to delivery, and upgradability.

Cloud Systems: CloudSight optimizes cloud spending and usage

Cloud Systems: CloudSight optimizes cloud spending and usage

Optimoz’s Cloud Systems: CloudSight helps cloud services consumers to optimize their spending and cloud usage while leveraging on the cloud elasticity and devops. Visit https://cloudsystems.com to learn more about our solutions.

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