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OPTIMOZ is a full lifecycle Cloud Engineering provider. We deliver the right Cloud Strategy, build powerful, highly secure applications, manage your Cloud operations, and enhance your applications and infrastructure as your needs and technologies change. Our mission is to make your enterprise agile, secure, and high performance in the Cloud.

Secure, Powerful Delivery

Running your enterprise in the Cloud has big benefits. Getting there is an enormous challenge. At OPTIMOZ, we serve as your Cloud Engineering experts. We provide the leadership, experience, processes, technical know-how, and focus on enterprise value to enable your enterprise to operate successfully in the Cloud.

NASA – DevSecOps and Infrastructure optimization to support large scale video streaming and data science projects.
TICS Contract: For the mission-critical ELIS application, successful software refactoring, process automation of AWS infrastructure, and the implementation advanced agile development and DevOps processes.
SPEDI Contract: Continued enhancement of the ELIS application in three areas: (1) daily execution of DevOps and DevSecOps processes, (2) transforming the development approach to Agile, and (3) deploying advanced Cloud infrastructure tools and management processes.
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