OPTIMOZ raises $2 Million

OPTIMOZ Raises $2 Million to Transform the Way Software Is Developed and Deliver

May 22, 2018
OPTIMOZ (https://optimoz.com), a digital transformation company based in Bethesda, Maryland, raised $2 million in the series A round led by the Global Environment Fund to expand its enterprise DevSecOps platform service to meet the growing market needs. The evolving software supply chain and the broad-based adoption of cloud computing have transformed the way that software is developed and delivered, with a variety of open-source software components supplied through software applications. At the same time, developing and delivering secure applications faster than ever before has become an industry-wide imperative. OPTIMOZ allows organizations to take control of their software supply chains in order to increase the productivity and deliverability of high-quality and secure software applications.

“Our goal is to take away the burden of operational responsibility from clients, put them on the path of continuous modernization and allow them to focus on their core business competencies. IT modernization is no longer an event, but it is a continuous process” said Naresh Patel, founder and President of OPTIMOZ.

Traditional IT life cycles used to require both software and hardware to be constantly refreshed, transformed and/or modernized, leading to long waiting periods and massive capital expense. Market competition requires enterprises to shift from on-premise data centers to hybrid models. However, the widespread adoption of cloud computing and the emergent technologies cause the main obstacle to success to be a lack of expertise. For developers, embracing new tools and processes to deliver production-ready solutions, adopting cloud-native services and refactoring monolithic applications into API Driven microservices is a major challenge.

OPTIMOZ helps its customers set up processes and roadmaps to achieve continuous modernization. With its expertise and experience in Cloud Computing, Enterprise DevSecOps and Enterprise platforms, OPTIMOZ has successfully brought enterprise development teams to achieve the adaptation of new tools and technologies, enabling agile delivery of solutions. OPTIMOZ excels in providing Enterprise Platforms for Microservices and Cloud Application Lifecycle Management to meet the challenging demands of today’s consumers.

“OPTIMOZ will utilize the funding it has received to package its expertise and experience in Enterprise DevSecOps. We aim to be a market leader by empowering developers to fast-track the application development and delivery process” said Patel.

“We are excited about packaging OPTIMOZ’s expertise in Cloud Computing because these applications streamline Cloud migration and continuous modernization to replace IT legacy systems. In addition to saving IT costs, OPTIMOZ applications can reduce energy consumption and lighten the environmental footprint of enterprises and agencies,” said Jeff Leonard, CEO and Founding Partner of GEF.

GEF has previously invested in a number of other successful government-oriented technology companies including: Aurora Flight Sciences, KEYW Corporation, Athena Controls and Essex Corporation.

Cloud Systems: CloudSight optimizes cloud spending and usage

Cloud Systems: CloudSight optimizes cloud spending and usage

Optimoz’s Cloud Systems: CloudSight helps cloud services consumers to optimize their spending and cloud usage while leveraging on the cloud elasticity and devops. Visit https://cloudsystems.com to learn more about our solutions.

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OPTIMOZ works with enterprises to build and deliver their important core applications in the Cloud.