About Us

When it’s time to put your key enterprise applications in the Cloud, it’s time to call on OPTIMOZ. Our clients present us with some of the most difficult Cloud Engineering challenges imaginable. We provide the leadership, experience, processes, technical know-how, and focus on enterprise value necessary to make operating your business in the Cloud successful.

As a result, our Clients realize the full potential of operating in the Cloud:

  • Better productivity and business agility
  • Faster, more predictable application development
  • Increased operational performance and reliability
  • Easier upgradability and maintenance
  • Integrated security that protects at the infrastructure, platform, and application layers
  • Lower on-going costs
  • Reduced operating and financial risk

Our Services

Cover every aspect of Cloud Engineering: strategy, technology and application planning, application design and development, DevOps, information security, and full lifecycle technology management.

Our Approach

Is based on proven best practices in software development, DevOps, Cloud infrastructure, security, and technology management. We provide the framework and processes to ensure that your Cloud planning, migration, development, and deployment efforts go smoothly and that your applications operate flawlessly in the Cloud.

Our Team

Is a mixture of successful CTOs, Cloud architects, senior and mid-level full-stack software developers, world class DevOps and Security experts, business analysts, product managers, and engagement managers, who bring the right expertise and experience to every project.

Defining Success

We aim to make your enterprise more productive in two ways: by delivering high performance, cost effective, secure Cloud applications, and by transferring knowledge to your team to enable your enterprise to easily manage applications and make the right technical decisions going forward.

Cloud Systems: CloudSight optimizes cloud spending and usage

Cloud Systems: CloudSight optimizes cloud spending and usage

Optimoz’s Cloud Systems: CloudSight helps cloud services consumers to optimize their spending and cloud usage while leveraging on the cloud elasticity and devops. Visit https://cloudsystems.com to learn more about our solutions.

API Test Automation

In a nutshell, an API is a set of functions that allows the sharing of data between independently run applications. Over the past 24 months, more enterprises have begun to modernize their applications by adopting an API (Application Programming Interface) first...

NASA – DevSecOps and Infrastructure optimization to support large scale video streaming and data science projects.

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We are easy to reach and happy to help. We are located inside the Capital Beltway in downtown Bethesda, MD, close to the Bethesda Metro Station and Reagan National, Dulles, and Baltimore-Washington International Airports.


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