Naresh Patel

Naresh Patel

Naresh Patel is the President & CEO of OPTIMOZ, Inc. He is a serial entrepreneur, who brings deep expertise in building and scaling Cloud applications. His expertise includes all of the major cloud platforms, multiple programming languages, leading Cloud management tools, and agile development and DevOps processes. Most recently, he served as CTO for GetHired, the highly successful HR software company, and in senior technical rolls at Marriott.

Our Guide to Choosing a Cloud Provider

January 29, 2019   Blog
By 2023, 80 percent of new application starts will be in the Cloud, and some exuberant analysts are predicting that the creation of new, on-premise data centers will end by 2025.  In addition, enterprises are migrating existing workloads to the Cloud at a rapid pace.  There are five, global leaders in Cloud services – Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, Alibaba – and many other regional and national companies with credible offerings.  Selecting the right Cloud provider can be challenging.  Here are the things you should...

The Six Secrets to a Successful Cloud Migration + Modernization

January 18, 2019   Blog
At Optimoz, we spend a lot of our time helping companies migrate their important applications to the Cloud. It’s harder than you might think.  Most Cloud applications are built using technologies and tools that weren’t mainstream five years ago.  Cloud platforms operate completely differently than in on-premise data centers.  The cost model for delivering cloud applications is also completely different.  Best-in-class methods for building, testing, deploying, and operating applications have advanced significantly, but most enterprises haven’t...
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