Cloud Systems: CloudSight optimizes cloud spending and usage

Optimoz’s Cloud Systems: CloudSight helps cloud services consumers to optimize their spending and cloud usage while leveraging on the cloud elasticity and devops. Visit to learn more about our solutions. It also provides a powerful solution to cloud services resellers for managing their customers’ invoicing and billing.

“It’s exciting to have Cloud Systems: CloudSight in our portfolio of services at Optimoz” said Naresh Patel, President and CEO of Optimoz.

Optimoz is an expert in cloud engineering; from standard to complex and everywhere in-between. The company exceeds clients’ expectations even for the most complicated requests. The team utilizes proven technical skills, lean/agile methodologies and project management processes that provide the best cloud solution and optimize clients’ success in the Cloud.

API Test Automation

In a nutshell, an API is a set of functions that allows the sharing of data between independently run applications. Over the past 24 months, more enterprises have begun to modernize their applications by adopting an API (Application Programming Interface) first strategy. This represents a major move away from traditional SOAP-based APIs to RESTFul APIs. This strategy has increased the demand and complexity for the test automation.

Automated API Testing – Essential for Cloud Migration & Modernization

Automating API testing is essential for functional, load, regression, and integration testing. API automation streamlines integration and regression testing every time a new change is made. It allows the testing of business functions separately from the user interface. API test automation also reduces the turnaround time in the software development release cycle, feedback, fixes, and redeployments, which makes applications more reliable and successful. In addition, OpenAPI specifications and API test automation with the use of generated mock data makes it easier to discover any integrations issue sooner in the lifecycle of the API development. (more…)

Our Guide to Choosing a Cloud Provider

By 2023, 80 percent of new application starts will be in the Cloud, and some exuberant analysts are predicting that the creation of new, on-premise data centers will end by 2025.  In addition, enterprises are migrating existing workloads to the Cloud at a rapid pace.  There are five, global leaders in Cloud services – Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, Alibaba – and many other regional and national companies with credible offerings.  Selecting the right Cloud provider can be challenging.  Here are the things you should consider when selecting a Cloud services partner:

  1. What Is Your Migration + Modernization Strategy?

Most enterprises have multiple, important applications that they would like to move the Cloud.  Moving them there can be tricky.  We recommend performing a detailed application portfolio analysis and then creating an official Cloud strategy for the enterprise before embarking on any migration + modernization efforts.  Your enterprise should answer the following questions: (more…)

The Six Secrets to a Successful Cloud Migration + Modernization

At Optimoz, we spend a lot of our time helping companies migrate their important applications to the Cloud. It’s harder than you might think.  Most Cloud applications are built using technologies and tools that weren’t mainstream five years ago.  Cloud platforms operate completely differently than in on-premise data centers.  The cost model for delivering cloud applications is also completely different.  Best-in-class methods for building, testing, deploying, and operating applications have advanced significantly, but most enterprises haven’t kept up.  The need for skilled Cloud technologists far outstrips the supply.  Keeping applications and data secure is getting more challenging.

So, if getting your applications running well in the Cloud is so hard, why do it?  Well, if you do your job well, there are huge benefits: (more…)

Apigee – A Powerful, Next Generation API Management Platform

Driven by the power of the Cloud, the software development process – and development lifecycles – is transforming. Downtime is becoming a thing of the past with highly available architectures and immutable infrastructure. The scale of utilization is increasing as well. We see a large number of workloads being migrated to the Cloud, and, with a few notable exceptions, all new development is being sent to the Cloud.

New Methods Create New Challenges

Generally speaking, the new approach to software development is boon both to developers and business stakeholders; however, there are some interesting new challenges in three areas:  (1) Embedding security in the development process, (2) properly leveraging and managing microservices, and (3) managing the APIs that govern the new approach to software. (more…)